Importance of soil testing for Construction

The land you are planning to use for your dream project will bear all the load of the building. First and most important step to start any construction project is to check its soil.

Soil test shows bearing capacity, physical and chemical composition of the soil. These characteristics of the soil can vary from layer to layer and can change in small area due to climate and weather change of the same soil.

Loss of life and property may occur if the land is not able to bear the weight of the structure. Soil test also determines the rate of settlement of the soil. This will help structural engineer to determine the stability of the structure on the land.

This will help to select the type of foundation. Soil test also shows water table level of the land. Through water level table, possible problems and level of humidity within foundation can be known. The choice of construction material may also be affected by the chemical and mineral component of the soil. Sulphur resisting cement would be used  to protect foundations of the building if soil test reveals that it contains sulphur.

Selection of material, type of foundation, weight of structure and height of structure of the building will depend based on soil testing report. All hidden dangers and unknown weaknesses are exposed only by soil testing.

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